One of my key objectives is to help business leaders focus on the important and resist the seduction of the urgent.


As a mentor, I open windows in your mind by introducing new ideas and stimulating innovation. Our time together can be viewed as a highly personalized, advanced program in business management.


My mentoring provides more than a second set of eyes and ears. I ask real questions – the ones you know need to be asked – and help you formulate answers that are right for you and your business.


Finding the right answers is important; asking the right questions is essential!


For Business Leaders and Senior Executives:


  • I serve as your confidential resource for early discussion of challenging business and personal issues
  • I listen openly and provide constructive feedback – even if difficult to digest
  • I foster innovative thinking
  • I provide an antidote to isolation without a personal agenda or conflict of interest
  • I build confidence and accountability


We work together to help you:


  • Balance the needs for pace, financial focus, networking and calendar white space
  • Balance internal business requirements against customer demands and risk
  • Migrate your business across geographic boundaries and adapt to new environments, cultures and expectations
  • Find your personal balance between work and all that is non-work
  • Maintain speed, focus and priorities, while filtering noise and distraction
  • Maintain focus on the important and resist the seduction of the urgent

And for New Executives:


  • I help support the on-boarding of new executives
  • I accelerate the acquisition of experience of new executives across all aspects of a business, especially relating to culture, strategy, people and priorities
  • I assist in the transition from a knowledgeable senior executive to a new, and often younger, executive with less experience
  • I provide support and guidance to functional heads who are shifting to a general management position


Schedule a call now to learn how mentoring will help you become even more proficient as a business leader. Or if you have a specific issue and want immediate advice let’s schedule a video conference: paul@tichauer.com.